Webcam 7 PRO Build 34121

Webcam 7 PRO Build 34121


Kumpulan Software Gratis | Webcam 7 PRO Build 34121 | webcam 7 is a powerful webcams and network cameras monitoring, recording and streaming software for private and professional use. it offers unique features and unequaled ease of useto let you manage multiple video sources on the samecomputer. It is theideal tool to secure your goods and keep an eye on them remotely fromyour phone or over internet.

webcam 7 is a brand new product based on webcamXP.
The user interface is the same however it offers exciting enhancements such as :
Flash Video (FLV) audio and video streaming (high frame rate for low bandwidth)
MJPEG recording with audio support.
Thisversion is ideal for putting live webcam on your web page and is robustfor 24/7 broadcasting. Supports a single video source.

webcam 7 Free is the basicproduct for home-users. It lets you to stream via HTTP, Windows Mediaor to upload via FTP/FTPS or HTTP/HTTPS Post. It also lets you addoverlays / watermarks over your video streams and the basicfeaturessuch as capturing orrecording at fixed interval. This version is idealfor putting live webcam on your web page and is robust for 24/7broadcasting. Supports a single video source.

webcam 7 Private is alreadymore advanced and beside the multiple video sources support is alsooffers the possibility to filter by IP and to manage who can accessyour video streams smartly. You can limit users in view time and don'thave to worry about your privacy. Supports up to 5 video sources.

webcam 7 PRO is the most advanced version of the software.It has all the features of the Privateversion and supports and includesthe motion detector (optical and/or acoustic detectors), the advancedalerts manager, the ability to log traffic to files and the digitalvideo recorder (permanentrecording). It's the perfect solution for advanced security purposes at low cost. Supports unlimited number of video sources.

It is now available for beta testing and you can install it even if webcamXP is already installed, it will use its own settings, the only part in common is the IP Camera Directshow filter.
Ifyou have a webcamXP license issued less than 2 years ago then you areentitled to use webcam 7 PRO. a free single source mode and the PROtrial mode are also enabled.

supported devices:
usb webcams (WDM driver required)
tv, analog or multi-input capture cards (WDM driver required)
ip cameras (JPEG/MJPEG/MPEG4)
Windows Media streams (ASF)
local video files (AVI/WMV/MP4/MOV/...)

supported streaming modes:
still jpeg images for low-tech devices
flash client (compatible with most operating systems and handheld devices)
javascript clients (MJPEG or JPEG PUSH)
Windows Media streaming

additional key features:
run as service new !
local and remote pan and tilt control (Logitech Orbit, Creative LiveMotion! and IP cameras).
supports FTP/FTPS and HTTP/HTTPS Post
motion detector (optical or acoustic) with many possible ways to handle alerts (local recording, ftp, http post, launch external applications)
advanced users manager to grant limited or unlimited access.
overlay editor supporting picture in picture, animated gifs, alpha-blending and text editor.
DVR (permanent recording deleted after X hours)


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