• August 2002, Openning Act Hoobastank, Hard Rock Hotel, Kuta, Bali
• Superman Is Dead “Hot & Freaky People 2003” MTV Trax Magazine January 2003
• June 2003 Superman Is Dead “MTV Exclusive Artist of the Month”
• Double Platinum Sony Music for Kuta Rock City Album
• 2003, MTV Award “Most Favorite New Artist”
• 2003, AMI Award “The Best New Artist”
• 2004, SCTV Music Awards “The Most Famous Album Nominee, Pop Rock Category” for Kuta Rock City Album
• 2006, AMI Awards “The Best Rock Album Nominee” for Black Market Love Album
• 2006, “Superman Is Dead The Best Local Band” The Beat Awards.
• 20 the best Indonesian Album 2006 for The Black Market Love Album. Rolling Stones Magazine Januari 2007
• April 2007, SID Opening Act for American Punk Rock Band NOFX at Hard Rock CafĂ©, Kuta, Bali.
• Soundrenaline Sound of Change 2007 Jimbaran Bali, “Message of Change” Artist Nominee.
• 17 June 2007, Guest Star Artist “Final Gudang Garam Rock Competition” Jakarta
• October 2007, Superman Is Dead did an amazing Australian tour, 8 cities, 16 gigs, 33 days.
• 150 the Best Indonesian Album for Kuta Rock City Album. Rolling Stones Magazine, Special Collectors’ Edition Desember 2007.
• 50 Hype Things in Indonesian Music Industrial 2008 for Superman Is Dead.
• Trax Music & Attitude Magazine Edition Januari 2008.
• 2008, Openning Act MXPX Jakarta.
• “SID as a New Icons of Bali”. Yak Magazine Maret, April, May 2008.
• June 2009. Superman Is Dead American Tour. Played 11 gigs and cities of 'Vans Warped Tour' , and the last 5 gigs and cities were 'From Bali With Rock Tour'


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